EHang is a world’s leading autonomous aerial vehicle (“AAV”) technology platform company. Our mission is to make safe, autonomous and eco-friendly air mobility accessible to everyone. EHang provides customers in various industries with AAV products and commercial solutions: urban air mobility (including passenger transportation and logistics), smart city management and aerial media solutions. As the forerunner of cutting-edge AAV technologies and commercial solutions in the global Urban Air Mobility industry, EHang continues to explore the boundaries of the sky to make flying technologies benefit our life in smart cities.


Enable safe, autonomous and eco-friendly
air mobility for everyone


Become the World’s Foremost Authority on Intelligent Aerial Vehicles


Customer Oriented

The innovation and growth of EHang root in the great importance it attaches to its customers. When something went wrong with the GhostDrone in the early days, the CEO publicized his own mobile number, and dealt with customer’s questions in person without rest in a 24-hour basis.


All members of EHang have broad visions, unite together and strive for success through close teamwork. In the early days of EHang’s establishment, the condition was so poor that there was not even a formal office, colleagues of various ages, personalities and backgrounds united together and made joint efforts to develop the company without distinguishing “your business, my business”, and eventually pioneered a road forward for EHang’s products and businesses.

Think Big& Make it Happen

The establishment of EHang is the process of transformation and innovation. Dare to dream, dare to transcend and break conventional thinking, and dare to act and innovate. The birth of GhostDrone and EHang 184 is the result of thinking out of box, doing what others dare not to do, and most importantly, taking the courageous first step to turn ideas into reality.

Let Truth Empower Us

Facts are problems and realities we must confront, and truths are the essence and laws we must explore. Not equipped with adequate technologies and methods, we may be na?ve at the beginning. However, it is by facing up to difficulties, competitions and our own shortages and by ceaseless explorations and attempts that we eventually master more profound technologies, theories and laws, which in turn improve our problem-solving ability, thus shaping a virtuous cycle.

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